Digital rivers

Imagine standing on the Kelani Bridge, looking at the river flow towards, underneath and away from you. Or standing at a river delta, looking at the veins merge with the sea. Perhaps all of us have, risking stern reprobation from parents and grandparents, played in the garden just after heavy rain, splashing around, looking at … Continue reading Digital rivers

Acts of kindness

Lawrence Lipscomb is not a name many would recall or even associate with the White House under Obama. The photo featuring him may, however, be more familiar. In it, the then President Obama fist-bumps Lipscomb while walking down the hallway of a federal building, after a meeting. There are two officials with Obama. One looks … Continue reading Acts of kindness

Missing the wood for the trees

“Houston, we have a problem” is a famous line from 1995’s Academy Award-winning ‘Apollo 13’ film, told to NASA’s ground control by actor Tom Hanks, playing Mission Commander Jim Lovell. Based on real events, a catastrophic explosion crippling a spacecraft bound for the moon became a test of NASA’s ability to completely shift gear, from … Continue reading Missing the wood for the trees