A faecal festschrift

Written in May 2022 as part of a collection by former thespians, and students celebrating the life of Prof Keval Arora, who retired from Kirori Mal College, at the University of Delhi. The collection was handed over to him mid-February - and I didn't want this to go up before he got it. Articles in … Continue reading A faecal festschrift


The nature and nurture of disinformation

First published on the ICT4Peace Foundation website. ### For us the land is matrix and destroyer,Resentful, darkly knownBy sunset omens, low words heard in branches.— Poem in the Matukituki Valley, James K. Baxter “In the woods we return to reason and faith.”— Ralph Waldo Emerson Aotearoa New Zealand’s inaugural hui on countering terrorism and violent extremism, He … Continue reading The nature and nurture of disinformation

Addressing the Infodemic

First published on ICT4Peace Foundation website. Meaningful policymaking to fight the swelling seed, spread and supremacy of misinformation benefits from data and evidence alive to socio-political realities. A new report from Aotearoa New Zealand’s Classification Office does precisely this. ‘The Edge of the Infodemic’ presents a snapshot of the country’s media and information ecologies in … Continue reading Addressing the Infodemic

Conversation with Gayan Prageeth

Spoke with Sri Lankan article Gayan Prageeth about his latest exhibition, Eyes Only - featuring a body of work with a narrative focused on the developments of politics and corruption in Sri Lanka post-war. https://soundcloud.com/user-635616592-684253190/open-studio-podcast Please note the podcast is in Sinhala. Download the English transcript here. See original post on the Saskia Fernando Gallery … Continue reading Conversation with Gayan Prageeth

‘The Tide Will Turn’ by Shahidul Alam: A cri de cœur of photography & prose

Alam’s power as a photographer, bearing witness to so much around him, is a belief that we – Asians, people of colour, brown folk, those from the Global South or in Hans Rosling’s framing, those from Tier 2 or 3 countries – are the best placed and able to tell our own stories. Alam started … Continue reading ‘The Tide Will Turn’ by Shahidul Alam: A cri de cœur of photography & prose