Liverpool to Hull

Strange creatures these feathered feet on green meadows
Trundling along with me in a cadence of worn by time
Tracks leading to a journey of cherry blossoms and shadows cast
By a quick pop in the ear, in between the Sun’s ascendant power.

The same motion in a hundred million seconds
The instant fields in a passing green melting to rolling hills
Undulating we slow but why? The reflection smiles back, as it has
For so many questions before
In this bracken of excited flirtations with a virgin country.

The Kon-Doc-Tor it seems is quite affable, tuning the chords of each passenger
Greetings stranger and welcome, but have you a ticket?
Yes, say I, mildly fearful, for tickets to this land are conditional
On the unfamiliar and the unproven
As we part, a smile departs.

Then the chimney’s pout, and the spires remind of God and his country
With the rhododendron drone in my ears, purple by sunlight brown by coal
As the junction boxes signal the past, future in a rappers stance,
Rails akimbo, we sway this way, then that to the lithe poles
A music, yellow chorus and a corrugated conductor,
Now beckon me to come.


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