Thoughts on toast

If we could choose eternity
Would we?

Alone, the ink blots in the space for memories
I’ve sat here before
Remembering a time, now gone
The infidelity of thoughts
shards of memories
slice the falling rain

The hands move upon unseeing eyes
Time has me in a cold embrace

If we could choose life
Can we?

A sitar strains the wet air
Washed anew, the footsteps replaced by the treadmills
Of movement
All around

A solitary journey. This life.
Letting go a silent ordeal
So far removed from these words

Loneliness surrounds all thought downstream.

A wet flashpoint stops time.

If we could melt to escape
Would we embrace the rain?

They pass, oblivious to this chair
Rushing, ambling, pensive, lonely.
Seeing their watery path to a final destination
Streams of silence

They write on an uncaring canvass of life.

I remember her. Here. With me.

I choose life
Death too sweet and easy
Amidst the paddy fields
Of home.

29 June 2005

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